Life is all about how we think and how we act to our thoughts. Time is too short but life is too long if we think on other way. Do you think you are insane?don’t pretends to be that but tends to be that, the world will look at you. Think not only about you but also the world if you do so, you will be a typical person in this world or  the typical persons do so. Think from your heart and act from your mind….
Speak what your heart says and do what your mind says….
  Assume yourself as,,,,
       It is a false that no one in this world is capable of defeating me;
    It is a true that I am born in this world to succeed all…  Alexander the great told..
our life must be as impressive as our thoughts and attitude we do really. Of course, time is too short but the life is too long to prove anything in this global village. Life is like revolution of  a circle in which we couldn’t find where we are? Out thoughts should lead us to our attitude and our attitude should talk about our character. I’m trying to be like me.